Make your slides look nice! A GitHub project template for Quarto.

Make your slides look nice! A GitHub project template for Quarto.
Preview of the slide layout

Creating presentations can be a time-consuming and challenging task, especially if you have to incorporate your code and output in them. However, what if you can create beautiful and engaging slides, again and again, in no time using Quarto and Github?

Quarto is a modern and versatile open-source tool that combines text, code & output into websites, documents and presentation slides. For this I provide you with a GitHub template, which makes the process even more accessible and streamlined.

Heads up! Quarto is here to stay. Immediately combine R & Python in your next document: An extension on a recent post.
Quarto is a generalisation of R Markdown by the same core developers. This framework allows you to weave together R, Python, Julia, and OJS with the codeā€™s output and your writing.

With this template, you can quickly and effortlessly create slides for your next meeting, conference, or presentation. The template includes sample slides, a folder structure for a some data science code, as well as a bibtext file for you citations.

The best part about using this Github template is that it is completely customizable, so you can make it your own and create a presentation that caters to your needs.

Using Quarto and Github together is also a great way to collaborate with others on your presentation. With Github, you can easily share your slides with your collaborators and benefit of the security of version control. Nothing gets lost.

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Jamie Larson