Who is your audience?

Ask yourself: Who are you coding / writing / researching for? Data scientists have an audience, such as screenwriters or movie directors. Who is your audience?

Who is your audience?
Photo by Jonas Jacobsson / Unsplash

Screen-writers, authors, bloggers, influencers and other creators all face the same question: 
Who is the audience?

Depending on the audience, a writer might pick more simple or more complex language or write in a more cheerful tone.

Surprise: Data scientists also have an audience.

Are you writing for…

  • An open-source repository?
  • Your employer?
  • An academic research paper?
  • The world?
  • Your best friend?

It matters.

There might be a nicer, neater, or “more Python” way to solve a problem.
However, sometimes, a line by line, aggressively commented script is better for the audience.

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Jamie Larson